About Us

LE Paving, a division of LE Construction and Maintenance, is driven to help our customers thrive by preserving their assets and extending the lifespans of their parking lots, asphalt, and concrete spaces. 

Many paving companies specialize in new asphalt and concrete projects. We focus on maintenance to help you look your best to clients and tenants, whose first impression begins outside when they first enter the parking lot. We help make those first moments count.

That’s why LE Paving is trusted by a growing list of organizations that includes Royop, Colliers, Edon, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), among others.

We Succeed When You Do

The expertise of LE Paving crews can only be gained from years of experience working with asphalt and concrete. We have the skills and equipment needed to handle everything from large asphalt jobs to the smallest pothole patch. LE Paving works not only to exceed your expectations in asphalt and concrete installation and maintenance but to also help you exceed your own expectations for your properties. When clients and tenants are having a good experience with your outdoor spaces, you’ll shine – and as a result, so will we. Contact us today for:

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